I Want To Remodel My Bathroom, But…

“Everything you need to know to remodel your bathroom as the most expensive remodel is the one done twice!”

  • What Products Do I Use?
  • What Type Of Company Do I Use?
  • How Do I Deal With A Salesperson?
  • How Do I Figure Out My Budget?
  • Am I Being Taken Advantage Of?

This 28 page FREE  guide in PDF downloadable format (emailed to you) will answer those questions and more to put you in the right direction for your remodeling project. 

What This Guide Covers

Tile  Rain Showers ⋅ Bathtubs ⋅ General Contractors  ⋅  Budgets ⋅ Fixtures ⋅ Cultured Stone  ⋅ Design/Build Firms  ⋅  Handhelds ⋅ Tile Shower Pans  ⋅  1 Man Shops  ⋅  Salespeople ⋅ Human Carwash ⋅ How People Get Ripped Off  ⋅ Acrylic  ⋅  Big Box Stores  ⋅  Walk-In-Tubs  ⋅  Fiberglass  ⋅  Tileable Shower Pans  ⋅  Cast Iron Tubs  ⋅  Tub Glazing  ⋅  Granite Shower Walls  ⋅  Slidebars  ⋅  Grab Bars  ⋅  Bathing Safety  ⋅  The Tub or No Tub Debate  ⋅  Shower Glass Doors  ⋅  Employees vs. Sub Contractors  ⋅  Financing  ⋅ Full Baths

Why Am I Qualified To Share This Info?

I Have Seen It All

  • I have flipped houses
  • I have rebuilt houses
  • I have inspected over 500 houses
  • I have remodeled bathrooms from
    $2K to $70K
  • I have worked with every kind of trade

Full Disclosure

Yes, I own a specialty bath remodeling company (America’s Bath Company) that specializes in tub/shower replacements.   Forgive me if I am bold, but I don’t care if you buy from my company or not.  What I care about is you make the right decisions for your improvement goals.

I Hate Seeing Homeowners Make Wrong Decisions

Over the last 20 years of my life, I have seen homeowners make uninformed decisions that cost them $$$$.   I have a passion for teaching and this guide is to help every homeowner that wants to make an improvement.
Trust is one of the biggest issues in home improvement.  My goal with
this guide is to ensure that you are informed and have a foundation of knowledge so that you have a better understanding when you are speaking with a contractor to perform work in your home.

After remodeling his own home, Doug Boncosky quit the mortgage industry at 40 to start working as a handyman and working as a laborer for another company to learn as much as he could.   Today at age 53, he runs America’s Bath Company employing over 25 people out of offices in the Chicago and Milwaukee marketplaces.

Get Your Free Copy

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